Hi, we are Ada

We are going to even the starting line
in online advertising.

What is Ada solving? Let us explain!

The problem! 


How many people in your network know how to run marketing through Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn ads
- or even just one of these platforms?


Our guess would be - not a lot.

Next question. 

How many people in your network could directly or indirectly benefit from well performing digital marketing?

Our guess would be - probably a lot of them.


Do you see it?

How in the world do you draw attention in 2021, if not through social media?
You don't. 

We believe that it shouldn't have to be difficult to push your agenda.
That's why we are building Ada.

A solution for all the self-employed, small business or SME's out there that know what to say.
But lack the digital marketing experience to do so.

Now, we would like to know — 

Does solving this problem spark some passion in you?

Then press the big yellow button.